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Geothermal energy for residential sector

The consumption of energy for heating, cooling and production of domestic hot water (DHW) in a home is, in Spain, two thirds of the total demand.

The HVAC energy demand in households in Spain comprehends two thirds of the total demand. That is why it is one of the first battle fronts in the field of efficiency.

Heating, sanitary hot water and air conditioning systems using a geothermal heat pump allow the three systems to be combined into one, enabling energy savings through an investment whose amortization period is reduced more and more.

It is possible to guarantee the thermal demand of a house by means of a geothermal installation that uses open loop capture, horizontal or vertical closed loop, or through the DCL® system. The investment required by the DCL® probe is, however, able to reduce up to 40% the investment needed, with a half the execution period and also reducing the space needed for drillings.

An investment of this type (With an annual saving of between € 1,200 and € 1,800) is amortized in periods of between 3 and 6 years for a single-family home, with even shorter periods when it comes to housing blocks. The savings experienced allow the system to be profitable, which, in this case, compared to a gas boiler installation, split-unit air conditioning and solar thermal collectors, can mean a very small additional investment with the advantage of not requiring solar collectors to comply with the Building Code requirements.

Likewise, the geothermal catchment system is subject to grants and financing schemes and by various state and regional aid programs.