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Geothermal for architect

The system of geothermal heat pumps is the most efficient in homes and buildings.

Geothermal heat pump system are the most efficient choice in residential and tertiary, buildings, According to FEULL and FULP (2007: 69) this type of heat pumps uses about 50-70% less electricity than a conventional system.

The geothermal heat pump completely covers the needs of heating, air conditioning, and production of Sanitary Hot Water (DHW), in a only equipment and no location problems.

The need for solar thermal panels, boiler chimneys and outdoor units is eliminated, allowing optimum design freedom and space utilization.

The savings in energy costs are amortized in increasingly shorter terms; Likewise, with the DCL® system, savings of up to 50% in the necessary investment in the collection system are possible.

Also, a single equipment that can be placed in garage, gallery or warehouse without the need of a technical room allows optimizing the available space.