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Geothermal energy for industrial sector

The heating, cooling and cooling systems by means of geothermal capture can have different uses in the industry.

The heating and cooling systems by means of geothermal capture can have many uses in the industry.

The geothermal heat pump systems with applications at low temperature up to 60 ° C, can have a wide range of applications: crops in greenhouses during the period of snowfall, reduce the growth time of fish, crustaceans, etc., and industrial uses such as pasteurization of milk, installation of heating and cooling in industrial buildings, etc.

The heat pump systems allow higher temperatures (for example through CO2 systems) for processes that require high thermal levels.

Likewise, refrigeration using geothermal energy reduces energy consumption as well as the demand for space and risks associated with cooling towers. It is possible to use geothermal as a mode of cooling at low temperature (passive) through the direct circulation of water in the collection circuit, in plastic production processes, painting of metal parts and a long etcetera.

The DCL® technology allows significant savings in the investment required as well as space required, enabling more profitable projects and access to public funding schemes for renewable energy systems and efficiency in the industry.