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Geothermy for hotel sector

The system of geothermal heat pumps is the most efficient in homes and buildings.

The buildings of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation are responsible for the great part of the energy consumption of the Services sector, which concentrates a percentage of the total of the primary energy consumed.

A large part of this energy is used in hot water and air conditioning, which makes it one of the sectors with the greatest potential in energy saving and the implementation of Renewable Energy.

Great cost savings can be achieved by reducing energy consumption and installing more energy efficient systems. Cost reductions that are subsequently transferred to guests in the form of more competitive prices.

HVAC geothermal systems can reduce the demand for energy with the additional advantage of the non-existent need for external equipment. this leaves free space for terraces, living rooms and solariums on the roofs and attics of their buildings. The maintenance requirements and expenses are minimized, as well as the health concerns associated with the cooling towers.

The DCL® system can make many of these advantages feasible by reducing the necessary costs and investment as well as space requirements (up to a quarter of the required area may be sufficient).