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Geothermal DCL® System

Geothermal energy is energy stored in the form of heat below the surface of the earth.

In DCL Geoenergia, in addition to conventional geothermal and renewable energy systems, we are pioneers in the installation of a new geothermal probe technology that combines the advantages of open loop systems and closed loop systems.

Until recently, only two basic systems of subsoil energy collection were known, the so called closed loop, both vertical and horizontal, and the open loop, through the extraction of subsoil water to cool the air conditioning equipment.

The new technology of the DCL geothermal probe is a closed loop system, and therefore no extraction or discharge of water from the subsoil is required.

The DCL system consists of a geothermal probe that draws energy from the inside of the drilling through a system able of a heat exchange with up to 10 times more efficiency than the conventional systems, with an initial investment up to 70% lower.

The DCL probe consists of a bundle of large numbers of small diameter tubes, through which the water in the subsoil is made to flow, thereby cooling the incoming fluid through the bundle of tubes from our heat pump, with much greater efficiency than traditional closed-loop systems.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of the DCL system is based on the physical principle of convection, unlike traditional systems that use thermal conduction to capture energy from the subsoil.


The system consists of a geothermal drilling of diam. 220-250 mm. hasa the depth of the level of the first aquifer, and from there 20m more is drilled. In some places this aquifer is very shallow, it is recommended to drill up to at least 30m. of depth, where we guarantee thermal stability during the substrate all year round.


A jacket is made with special PVC pipe as usual, so we secure the walls of the hole and prepare the system for DCL operation.


Subsequently, the DCL probe is introduced until it reaches the appropriate position inside the perforation.


The probe is connected to the heat pump circuit.


The installation is completed in the same way as in a traditional closed ring system.

The cladding process is carried out with two types of tube: grooved tube or filter, and blind tube.

The first one is used to filter the inlet water that will be captured by the small pump and pass through the inside of the DCL probe sleeve. Likewise, slotted pipes will be arranged in the upper part through which the water returns to the aquifer. The rest of the tubes used will be blind tubes.

The sealing system of the DCL probe ensures that the aquifer water already used does not come back to be picked up by the booster pump, and forces its exit to the aquifer, thus guaranteeing that we always have water for cooling at the same temperature.

Advantages of geothermal energy with dcl system


In addition to the advantages of traditional systems, the DCL System provides multiple environmental advantages:

No water is extracted from the subsoil.

No spills are made.

The temperature of the groundwater is not increased by more than 5oC.

Different aquifers are not communicated, avoiding the contamination of one another.

70% reduction in the cost of the installation.